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Global Fund Ltd. is a private company uniquely positioned with a blend of business knowledge, creativity and inventiveness. Our focus is delivering innovative solutions to our clients that enable them to outpace the competition and achieve their company vision.

We specialize in managing multi-stakeholder projects, providing technology consulting and technical assistance, strategic and operational planning, IT system analysis and designing, business reengineering, risk management, delivering business intelligence, development of managerial and leadership skills, marketing and branding, and much more…


Global Fund Ltd. believes that meaningful change requires a relentless focus on ingenuity, innovation, and reinvention. That’s why we work with clients who are ready to realize their true business growth potential. Your business ideas have unique value and perspective. Together, we can turn them into reality.


We examine your needs and possibilities from all perspectives, evaluate your business drivers, research business and market opportunities, and collaborate to develop a solution that best fits your business strategy.

With deep connections in both the public and private sectors, we can help you to accelerate your business through strong multi-country and multidisciplinary partnerships with investors and entrepreneurs as well as our knowledge of public funding requirements.


Our funds are people, inter-generational knowledge and experience synergized across the functional teams. Our teams are mixture of creative, ingenious and inspired individuals, conventional and unconventional thinkers, daring leaders, counsellors, go-getters, problem solvers, and strategists.
We are dynamic, tempered, ambitious, curious, dedicated, open-minded, big thinker, eager to go beyond the scope and enjoy tackling problems head-on. We build a trusted relationship with our clients through openness, commitment, honesty and mutual respect. We commit to timely and high-quality results.


For each client, we customise our services and team to specifics of the assignment.
We have provided our services for the following sectors:

Water resources and flood risk management, biodiversity and nature protection, agriculture, fisheries (sea and inland), rural development, veterinary, phytosanitary, food safety management, IT security and risk management.

Business strategy

  • Shape a new business development strategy
  • Research market for the client across the sectors, define the market approaches and prepare market reports
  • Define and elaborate business cases for introduction of the new product or service
  • Business processes improvement
  • Business method improvements
  • Business plan benchmarking to the best practices
  • Change management plan
  • Risk management plan


  • RFP or ToR writing and submission
  • Tender (technical proposal) preparation and submission
  • Large-scale collaborative project management
  • Find the right partners, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Create partners’ clusters
  • Prepare application and projects to access to innovation and funds (grant or loan) or for internationalization or awards
  • Lead or participate in the project implementation
  • Prepare training plans and deliver project management training

IT Consulting

  • Analysis of business process and related supporting frameworks (organisational, legal, technical and institutional frameworks)
  • Assessment of the client needs and requirements
  • Gap analysis
  • IT feasibility study preparation
  • Planning and designing complex, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder’s information management systems
  • Capacity building and delivery of IT/GIS trainings


  • Assessment of current status and potential for development
    Business opportunities
  • Product and market analysis
  • Development of the creative concept
  • Campaign Performance Plan
  • Campaign Budget
  • Development of managerial skills (sales, marketing, communication, public performance, media relations, personal development)
  • EU Visibility Strategies guidance and strategy
  • Marketing and branding (graphic design services, audio and video/movie production, photography services, post production)
  • Event & Travel Management


Our experts have proven track records, either as team leaders, or key experts and references on successful participation in the technical assistance projects (up to 44 Mil. EUR) financed by the EU, African Union, WB, WBIF, GWP-MED and other donors  and implemented by the following international companies:

  • COWI
  • WYG

Our clients are Governmental and Public institutions, international transboundary river commissions and other from the following European countries: Albania, Bosnian and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, as well as from African Union and India.


Bukoščak 11c,
10 090 Zagreb

VAT: HR39016823621
IBAN: HR2823600001102513312


Contact phones:
+385 99 3883 608